Practical Living

The Practical Living Visa, like all the others, is driven by the 'My Visa Action Plan'.  Using the Signs of Safety principles of building on strengths the Action Plan should be revisited along the Visa journey as new skills are acquired.

The Practical Living Visa does what it says on the the tin.  It encourages young people to identifiy those skills that are required to look after themselves and their homes.

The topics have been developed at two levels, Entry Level and Level 1.  The Enty Level topics are more suitable for young people aged 13 - 15 and are easily identified as they all begin 'Introduction to . . . . .' You can mix the levels if it meets the needs of individual young people.


The resources can be used as flexibly as you choose in order to meet the needs of individual young people. Resources related to the specific Topics can be found on each Topic page.  More general resources relating to participation can be found under the resource tab at the top of the page.

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There is freedom to choose the topics that meet the young person's need and each topic successfully completed and assessed can be accredited.  You can include multiple topics on one Visa certificate as this is the most cost effective.  Gateway Qualifications charge per certificate issued.

Gateway Assured Certificate Claim Form

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Topics in Practical Living

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  • My Cooking
  • My Diet
  • My Home
  • My Hygiene
  • My Money
  • My Safety
  • My Tenancy
  • My Visa Action Plan
  • Introduction to My Community
  • Introduction to My Cooking
  • Introduction to My Diet
  • Introduction to My Hygiene
  • Introduction to My Money
  • Introduction to My Safety
  • Introduction to My Tenancy
  • Introduction to My Visa Action Plan