Investigators - 9-11 Years

Welcome to the Investigator section of P4I.  This section consists of a range of topics that have been designed together with a number of our partner services/organisations to meet the needs of children aged 9 - 11 years.



Investigator topics are internally quality and assured and certificated to the same robust standard as the Visas.


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Further development  

We are always open to the development of new topic areas and would be pleased to work with professionals and young people to co-produce these new topics. 



Topics in Investigators - 9-11 Years

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  • Investigate Confidence
  • Investigate Self-Esteem
  • Investigate Volunteering
  • Investigate Friendship
  • Investigate Cooking Skills
  • Investigate Budgeting
  • Investigate Personal Hygiene
  • Investigate Healthy Eating
  • Investigate Personal Safety