My Visa Action Plan

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Topic title: My Visa Action Plan                

Level: One

Learning hours: 5

Valid from: 08/12/2014

Minimum learner age : 13


This unit has 2 learning outcomes


1  Understand current situation and be able to plan own learning in order to successfully obtain a Visa

1.1 List a range of skills required to access the Visa

1.2 Identify what is working well for self and skills that will support access to the Visa

1.3 Identify current barriers to accessing the Visa

1.4 Create a simple action plan for what needs to happen, identifying the support needed to successfully access the Visa

1.5 Scale current knowledge and skills in relation to Visa Topic


2 Be able to reflect on progress and achievement regarding Visa knowledge and skills

2.1 Review action plan

2.2 Scale new knowledge and skills in relation to Visa Topic