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The Passport for Independence, P4I, is a flexible learning experience for young people.  The experience for young people from the age of 13 years consists of a series of Visas relating to knowledge and skills that help young people live successful lives. P41 for children pre 13, Investigators and Explorers, can be found further down this page . The Visas set out to provide each young person who participates with the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to be successful and live their lives in the way they have planned.  The 'My Visa Action Plan' uses a Signs of Safety approach. It puts the young person at the centre of the assessment of their learning needs and acknowledges their current strengths and barriers to acheivement. It then encourages young people to identify people who could support them to achieve their chosen topics.  The Visa Action Plan also includes the opportunity for young people to scale their knowledge around their chosen topics at the beginning of the learning process and then again at the end. There are two levels of the Action Plan, Introduction to My Action Plan at Entry Level and My Action Plan at Level 1.  

The flexible learning experience is offered to young people through a range of partners, internal and external to Suffolk County Council

Suffolk County Council is a recognised centre for the delivery, assessment and internal verification of AQA Unit Awards and Gateway Qualifications qualification units.  P4I has been developed with Gateway Qualifications as part of their Quality Assured offer and utilises units from the AQA Unit Award Scheme to suppliment the offer.  The Visas represent the range of issues faced by young people and each is broken down into bite sized topics making them manageable and achievable. 

Resources are available to suport the delivery of each topic with specific assessments designed to enable young people to have their work accredited.

Training opportunities for professionals delivering learning within the P4I framework are available.  See P4I for Professionals below.

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Girlhood to Womanhood

Healthy Living

Healthy Relationships

Making Amends

Managing Conflict

P4I for Parents


Practical Living

Solutions to Bullying


World of Work

Young Parenthood

P4I for Children Aged 9 -13 years

It is here.  This is an internally quality assured learning offer for children aged 11 - 13 years who are explorers and children aged 9 - 11 years who are are investigators.  The principles are exactly the same as the Visas however the topics have been designed to be more age appropriate. Click in the boxes below to see the topics that are current available.

As with the Visas, new topics will be developed working with our partners and alongside young people.



Investigators - 9-11 Years

Explorers - 11-13 Years

P4I for Professionals

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